Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week, S2 ep13: Ask Us Anything! (season finale)

August 13, 2021

Tea Krulos and Heidi Erickson answers questions submitted via social media-- find out about frightening weird encounters we've had and our deepest secrets. Plus we share weird news-- Mothman sighted at State Fair, the MyPillow guy goes full Captain Ahab, killer robots, and the Big Mac champ of Wisconsin (and the world). Miss Information reveals trivia answers (and our winner) and we close out with a track from Victor DeLorenzo's new album Spoken Drum, "Bow." 

Thanks to our sound engineer Android138 and all of our guests this season. We'll be back in September. 

Show Notes
-Check out Victor DeLorenzo: victordelorenzo.bandcamp.com
-Milwaukee Record: "Someone claims they saw a 7-foot winged demon at State Fair and we believe it"
-Listen to season 1 and 2 of Tea's Weird Week here: Tea’s Weird Week Podcast | (teakrulos.com)

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