Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week, S2 ep11: UFOs Over Long Lake, part 2

July 30, 2021

Tea talks to Mark Borchardt about his documentary, The Dundee Project, plus more interviews from UFO Daze at Benson's Hideaway. Tea and Heidi talk about the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, Welch Klingons, the latest QAnon nuttiness (Madea Takes on the Deep State?), and more. Plus trivia from Miss Information and a dope new track by Android138, "EarthSkum."

Show Notes

-See pictures from UFO Daze and a link to part 1 of this story here: Tea’s Weird Week: UFOs Over Long Lake | (teakrulos.com)
-Here is the Vice story on the Parkland shooting survivor and his conspiracy theorist dad: I’m a Parkland Shooting Survivor. QAnon Convinced My Dad It Was All a Hoax. (vice.com)
-Milwaukee Paranormal Conference news: Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Returns Sept. 24-26, 2021 | Milwaukee Paranormal Conference (milwaukeeparacon.com)

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