Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week, S2 ep09: Burn the Owl (Revisited)

July 16, 2021

Tea discusses the Bohemian Grove, a key part of his book American Madness. The Bohemian Grove is a secret retreat for the world's most powerful men. They gather every summer for a Midsummer Encampment, which includes a strange ritual in front of an owl statue called the Cremation of Care. Tea demonstrates by having a table read of the ritual with podcast hosts/ authors Aaron Franz, Dave Baker, and Joseph L. Flatley. Plus, an audio clip from a 2015 interview with Richard McCaslin, a man who crashed the Bohemian Grove and is the main subject of American Madness

Tea and Heidi discuss weird news like pancakes from outer space, the world's worst slip n' slide, and the saga of Spider-Pope. We wrap it up with new trivia from Miss Information and close with a new track by snag., "Paradigm Shift." 

Read more about the Bohemian Grove and this episode in the Tea's Weird Week column: Tea’s Weird Week: Burn the Owl (Revisited) | (teakrulos.com)

Show Notes
-Tea mentioned his column from last July, "Summer Plans are Cancelled for the New World Order." 

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