Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week, S2 ep08: Long Days, Weird Weeks

July 9, 2021

Tea meets up with Jenny Sanchez, a travel writer who seeks out unique and unusual places to visit, which she documents on her site, Long Days Travel. Tea and Jenny talked about strange destinations, bucket list, and travel tips. 

In the news segment, Tea and Heidi talk about another appearance by the Moorish Sovereign Citizens, the 2014 Slenderman case, the three UFO capitals of Wisconsin, and more. Plus trivia with Miss Information and we bring it all back home by closing with a tribute to Milwaukee, "Good Land," by The MilBillies

Show Notes

Check out the Tea's Weird Week column, where Tea shares the 5 strangest places he's been: teakrulos.com/2021/07/09/teas-weird-week-my-top-5-strange-places
Moorish American Arms standoff, ABC News
"Judge Orders release of Wisconsin woman in Slender Man case"
Wisconsin UFO capitals
Invisible art dispute

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