Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week S2 ep01: Hodag vs Snallygaster

May 21, 2021

That Tea's Weird Week podcast you like is back in style! We kick off season two with an epic monster battle. Lots of small towns have a local monster legend-- sometimes based on actual sightings, others based on folklore, urban legends, or hoaxes. Tea talks to Ben Brunell, proprietor of the Hodag Store, about Rhinelander, Wisconsin's monster mascot and Sarah Cooper about her American Snallygaster Museum, which spotlights the hideous and wonderful creature that is lore of Frederick County, Maryland. 

Then Tea and Heidi discuss weird news including how Anti-maskers merry-go-rounded to being...pro-mask? Plus gas hoarders, flesh phone covers, ventriloquist dummy mystery, the Love Has Won cult, and more. Plus Miss Information is back with a trivia question and we close with a beautiful track from Mere of Light titled "Moon from a Well." 

Show notes:

-Monster Fight segment music was titled "Mecha vs Titan" by Kaijusonic/T.Reed/Tao X Productions.
-"Demon Business" by Android138.
-Read more about the Hodag and see some photos in my column this week, "Hodag vs Snallygaster."
-I also mentioned my column on Love Has Won, "Mother God on Mountain Standard Time."

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