Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week episode 02: The Orange Stain

January 21, 2021

Tea Krulos talks about the Trump conspiracy legacy (hopefully for the last time for awhile), then Tea and co-anchor Heidi Erickson talk about their favorite weird news this week, including a QAnon Bigfoot named Zorth, the exciting mayoral campaign of luchador Blue Demon Junior, mystical cats, elephant dung gin, and the popularity of sea shanties on TikTok (and to give us an example of one, special guest Chris Tischler of Chief sings us "Soon May the Wellermen Come.")

Plus Miss Information's trivia question (send answer to teasweirdweek@gmail.com to be entered in monthly prize drawing) and we close out with a dreamy new collaborative track from Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of Leisure and LUXI, "Basement Show." Original music and sound editing by Android 138.

Check out the column here: https://teakrulos.com/2021/01/22/teas-weird-week-the-orange-stain/

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