Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week episode 01: Q D’ETAT

January 14, 2021

Tea's Weird Week the podcast, episode one! Tea Krulos talks about his recent column on the Capitol Q d'etat, the most frightening conspiracy stories of 2020, and what to watch out for this year. 

Then Tea and Heidi Erickson talk about their favorite weird stories of the week-- monoliths, killer squirrels, black holes, state dinosaurs, the fate of the Trumpbot in the Hall of Presidents, and more. Plus the trivia question of the week from Miss Information and we end the show with a new anthem for 2021 from Sunspot, "Hang on for Your Life."

Original music and sound engineering by Android138. Check out the Tea's Weird Week column here: https://teakrulos.com/2021/01/15/teas-weird-week-q-detat-and-the-top-ten-frightening-conspiracy-theory-stories-of-2020/ 

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