Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week, S5 ep05: Amberrose Hammond’s Mysterious Michigan

July 23, 2022

Tea talks to Michigan researcher and author Amberrose Hammond about her upcoming book Mysterious Michigan, which explores legends of lore of the Mitten State. They talked about haunted hotspots, the devilish imp known as the Nain Rouge, and the urban legend of the Melonheads. 

Tea and Heidi talk weird news about Russia's claim that Ukraine has Ukranian Mutant Ninja Troopers and other stories, new trivia from Miss Information, and we close with a track off Sunspot's brand new album The Strangest Frequency, "We'll Be Seeing You Again." 

-Check out Amberrose Hammond's site, where you can buy her books: www.amberrosehammond.com 
-Sunspot: www.sunspotmusic.com 
-Here's our episode from last season where we discussed war legends, including contemporary ones from Ukraine: https://teasweirdweek.podbean.com/e/tea-s-weird-week-s4-ep07-baba-roga/ 

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