Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week S5 ep01: The Wise Owl and the Monster in Human Skin (an AI fable)

June 24, 2022

Tea's Weird Week is back ! Tea talks about some recent TWW columns, Tea and Heidi talk about weird news, including sexy Swedish garbage cans, Sarah Palin vs Santa Claus and recent news of sentient AI developed at Google named LaMDA. Plus new trivia from Miss Information and our sound engineer FlatlineAudio138 shares a new track, "Alien Overdose." 

FlatlineAudio138: flatlineaudio138.com
TWW column: "You are Geraldo Rivera, high on ecstasy, looking at a UFO in the Bahamas"
TWW column: "Who said it-- Marjorie Taylor Greene or Phantom Patriot?"
More on LaMDA: "The Google engineer who sees company's AI as 'sentient' thinks a chabot has a soul," NPR
Send your trivia answers to: teasweirdweek@gmail.com 

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