Tea’s Weird Week

Tea’s Weird Week, S4 E01: Serving Space Pancakes (w/ guest Zelia Edgar)

January 28, 2022

Season 4 kicks off with an interview with Zelia Edgar, author of the new book Just Another Tin Foil Hat Presents. We talked about the lore of Platteville, Loveland Frogmen, and... spaaaace pancakes! Then Tea and Heidi discussed their January travels, and weird news about a man in a clown mask with a fake bomb who wanted to get in to Area 51, lab monkeys on the loose, and a "Trump prophetess" who saw John Wayne filming a western in heaven. Plus new trivia from Miss Information and we close out with a banger-- "Bigfoot, Take the Wheel" by IfIHadAHiFi (ifihadahifi.bandcamp.com). 

Show notes

-Check out Zelia Edgar's site here: justanothertinfoilhat.com 
-Zelia and Tea are both speaking at the Beast of Bray Road Conference, April 28-30: https://www.facebook.com/groups/612309933204984
-Tea's column on the clown masked would-be Area 51 crasher: https://teakrulos.com/2022/01/28/teas-weird-week-chosen-one-to-cops-take-me-to-your-leader/
-Heidi examines dem Mothman YAMS: 


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