Tea’s Weird Week

Tea‘s Weird Week, S3 ep 10 (Finale): A Brady Street Pharmacy Fever Dream

November 27, 2021

Tea hosts a reunion of his co-workers from the Brady Street Pharmacy (a greasy spoon, pharmacy counter, convenience store, and theater space)-- Zack Pieper, Tracy Smith, and Gwen Huff. They share their memories of the place in advance of Tea's new collection of short stories: Tea Krulos • Brady St. Pharmacy: Stories and Sketches — Read the Future (vegetarianalcoholicpress.com)

Plus, Zack reads some poems based on Pharmacy regulars (from his upcoming collection CAMEOS). Tea and Heidi Erickson discuss weird news, including a Reptilian sex encounter, a "mass hair loss event," the promobot, and D.B. Cooper Day. Trivia winner is announced and we close out with the best holiday song, "Black Friday Totally Sucks" by Brett Newski

We'll be back with a "Radio Krampus" special and season 4. Listen to our past episodes here: Tea’s Weird Week Podcast | (teakrulos.com)

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